Silhouette Painting – Sunset over the water

Time: ~ 2 1/2 hours . . . (Read More)


Watercolor Painting: Mermaid Cloud ~ Under the Sea ~

Here is the finished painting of one of the sketches River posted yesterday! Apparently there's a Twitter challenge going on right now called "Mermay," hence the underwater theme. First up is Mer-Cloud; Mer-River still needs to be painted, so I'll post about her later. ^w^ It's been quite a while since I used watercolors--I'd almost… Continue reading Watercolor Painting: Mermaid Cloud ~ Under the Sea ~

The Month-Long Halloween Extravaganza!

Le Ball Masque–Maskless Face Decorating!

Hi! This weeks theme is 'Le Ball Masque'--but what do you do when you don't want to, or can't, wear a mask? The answer is simple, my friends...Face Painting! Videos: There are a bunch of YouTube videos about Face Painting--here are four that I thought were nice. 🙂 A cute and more unusual rendition… Continue reading Le Ball Masque–Maskless Face Decorating!