Haiku. Just Because.

River came up to me today and said, “Let’s write haiku!”

So we wrote six haiku together, and split them up to post on our respective blogs.


Chocolate for a Valentine

Sweet dusky velvet

Cocoa, vanilla, and cream

Chocolate for you ❤


If I had no words,

these would carry the message

I would send to you.


Whispering secrets

Only trees will ever know

Laughing caresses

If you’re in the mood for poetry, why don’t you go check out River’s three as well?


Theme Updates~!

Hi, guys!

As most of you have probably noticed, I’ve recently changed my theme to the pink ‘Bouquet’ and added a different background.

Over the next few days, I’ll be playing with different themes and backgrounds. It may end up being only a small change, or I might decide to completely re-vamp my blog’s look, so you may come on one day and find that it looks completely different than it did the day before.

If you like a certain theme-and-background combination better than the rest, or have a suggestion to make or something, feel free to tell me!