Watercolor Painting: Mermaid Cloud ~ Under the Sea ~

Come on in! The water’s fine!

Here is the finished painting of one of the sketches River posted yesterday! Apparently there’s a Twitter challenge going on right now called “Mermay,” hence the underwater theme. First up is Mer-Cloud; Mer-River still needs to be painted, so I’ll post about her later. ^w^

It’s been quite a while since I used watercolors–I’d almost forgotten how fun they are! Though the drying times were a little troublesome, haha. This piece had a lot of layers, so all in all it took me one full day and the better part of the next to finish it. The skirt in particular was finicky; I ended up doing it section by section, so it may have taken the longest out of everything. ^^; It turned out nicely, though, so the effort was worth it!

Sadly, the colors don’t show up as well in the photograph as in person, so a lot of little subtle things are lost. If I figure out a way to rectify that, I may come back and replace the picture…until then, though, I hope you can still enjoy it!



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