The Month-Long Halloween Extravaganza!

Make your own Chocolate Spider!


Today I will be showing you how to make a chocolate spider!

Chocolate Spider 1Behold, the chocolate spider! BWAHAHAHAHA–*ahem*

Step one: Melt some chocolate.

Step two: Spoon your melted chocolate into a plastic bag, then twist the top shut and snip the end off of the bag.


Step Three: Lay some plastic wrap over a plate.


Step Four: Take your piping bag of chocolate and pipe a large circle or oval for the spider’s body, and 10 V-shapes for the legs.

DSCI0844No, I have not forgotten that spiders only have eight legs–I’m giving you extras in case some break!

Step Five:  Pop your plate into the fridge until the chocolate is hard and can be peeled off of the plastic wrap. Then, take your left-over melted chocolate and start attaching the legs by piping a line of chocolate along one side of the oval, then adding a dab of chocolate on one end of the leg. Put the dry end against the line of chocolate you piped. You may need to add more chocolate on top to keep it steady.

DSCI0847Kindly ignore the chocolate butterflies. I had leftover chocolate.

Do this with eight legs, until it looks roughly like this:

Chocolate Spider 4

Step Six: Pop your spider back into the fridge to harden, and then you’re done~!

Make dozens and dozens of these, and you’ll have your own chocolate spider army at your disposal! 😀

Chocolate Spider 3Chocolate Spider 2Chocolate Spider 1Chocolate spiders! Chocolate spiders everywhere! 😮

Step Seven: (Optional) Eat the extra legs! And the spider too, if you want. 😉




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