I was thinking about making a post about the Vocaloid Megpoid Trial, but I found that my friend River beat me to it! 😉 Great post, River!

Strike A Spark

Just a quick post today!

Two days ago I was able to download and install the 14-day trial for Internet Co.’s Megpoid English. . . and I’m having a blast! So far I’ve found that the Tiny Vocaloid 3 Editor included in the trial is very easy to use (though I did have to look up a few things in the User Manual).  It’s easy to input the notes and lyrics of “Scarborough Fair”, and the best bit so far is that Megpoid sounds great even with very little tuning!

Here’s the second beta test that was posted on Youtube, “Time After Time” (originally by Cyndi Lauper), so you can hear what she sounds like with no tuning:

And here’s a demo song, “You Are the Reason” by neutrinoP and Wolf, with an unknown amount of tuning:

Sure she’s not the best English Vocaloid, but she’s not the worst either. …

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