One Man. One Voice. One Epic Skyrim Theme Song.

Skyrim. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t; at least, not until one of my friends showed this video to me.

My verdict? Well, I’m probably never going to play the game (it doesn’t sound like my type of game), but this song is epic.

And want to know something even more awesome? Peter Hollens did the entire video with only his own voice. And do you know how many tracks are in this song? Over one hundred. I think that the total number of tracks is one hundred and twenty, but I’m not entirely sure.

So. Over a hundred tracks. Only his own voice.

It. . . It just. . . *stares at the video while brain implodes*

*recovers from brain implosion* My gosh, can you imagine how much work went into this song?!?

. . . A lot.

He also did a collaboration with another artist named Lindsey Stirling and did another version of the song.

Speaking of which, Lindsey Stirling has done some pretty cool songs too. . .

But that, my friends, is a post for another day. 😉



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