As you may or may not have noticed, I have added a nifty little thing to my blog! It’s an interactive program-thingie (don’t you just love how specific I am?) that features an adorable dog! You can give him treats, give him a bone, get him to sit, lay down, and roll over, and play ball with him! If you want to add your own little feature, you can find them here. There are also penguins, turtles, fish, and many other animals!

. . . Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to shift it over just a teensy bit, so it’s sticking out of the bar a bit. And I also don’t know how to get it to save the changes that I made. . . TT_TT If any of you figure out how to get it to do either of those things, please let me know!

Have a great time, guys!



4 thoughts on “Doggies!

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